The rewards of excellence, beyond your expectations; OTTO BELLA


It arrived to present “brand new” ideas to city life, its region, habits, comfort, architecture and all the life style.

It is a masterpiece consisting of eight special and attractive villas which had been designed with a boutique comprehension.

It is proving that city life can also provide peace and pleasure through its architectural concept that inspires its space, its location which is integrated with deep blue sea and which is surrounded by the trees, and through its prestigious comfort.

How would you prefer your garden pleasure?

The garden of your house is charming as much as itself…. Red bougainvilleas hanging from the pergola will welcome you when you go out to the garden. Having breakfast under the pergola during hot summer days will give you pleasure, and its shade will provide chilliness. If you would like to cool off more, we remind you your pool.

Sailing from the marina to deep blue sea…

When you get out from your house, a world full of vast opportunities is welcoming you. You are adjacent to a completely green field right near your house. The beach that is a few meters away is ideal for morning sports and evening walks… And better than that, you are very close to the marina. You can sail into unforgettable moments at deep blue sea... Briefly OTTO BELLA is surrounded by green, blue and beauties.

We thought about you comfort meticulously…

The significant architectural elements of the project will provide you an idea regarding the subtle considerations in the whole project. The street that is forming a different atmosphere through its architectural features and landscape, and that will assist the improvement of neighborhood relations is the leading one among these examples. The glass partition that is protruding from the house will make you feel outside when you are at home, and it will make you view the sky under moonlight and feel the pleasure of getting away from everything.

You Will See the Gorgeousness From Anywhere you Look…

The aesthetic added by the natural slate on the one hand, and the wooden blind system –which can be opened by a single key and which has an extremely modern appearance- on the other hand… Also the nature of your garden that is beautified with bougainvilleas... You will experience the happiness of an house having a beauty for which you will form sentences starting with "fortunately…" even if years pass by.

A Domestic Life Full of Rich Options…

OTTO BELLA is enriched with details increasing the comfort of your.

You have a stairwell welcoming the sunlight. If you have just arrived from sports and you are tired, we recommend you to use your private elevator that is accessing your bedroom from your garage. We allocated an empty space completely for you just in case you would like to be interested in your hobby. There is a pool which will provide chilliness in hot summer days, and a flamboyant fireplace which will warm you up in winter days. Moreover, there is a living space that your servants may use. Briefly, OTTO BELLA will appeal to you with its high standard of living.

Comfort is at Each Corner of Your House…

You can have unforgettable chats and joyous minutes at the spacious saloon of your house. But if you wish you can welcome your guests at the sitting groups under the pergola by opening the large glass doors of the saloon at garden floor. Accompanied with marvelous odor spreading into the garden from the kitchen right next to it, you can have a feast all together. Watching the starts with telescope along with the children by opening the ceiling windows at your children’s room will a distinct pleasure.

“Smart” Villas as well as being beautiful…

OTTO BELLA’da, estetik bir görünümün yanı sıra hayatınızı kolaylaştıracak teknolojik unsurlar da mevcut. Eve gelmeden önce cep telefonunuzdan ısıtma veya soğutma sistemlerini ayarlayabilirsiniz. Ya da ışıkları açık mı unuttunuz? Sorun değil, yine cep telefonunuzdan kolayca ışıkları kapatabilirsiniz. Çünkü OTTO BELLA, Akıllı Ev Sistemi’ne sahip.

Cinema, Garage or Studio… As you wish!...

Maybe a garage in which you will keep your classical automobile, or a studio where you will meet with your friends and have musical works, or a mini home cinema which will ease your movie passion… At OTTO BELLA, you have special areas that you will be able to shape as per your hobbies and that you will use as you wish.

There are many reasons for you to prefer OTTO BELLA…

  • Location close to the sea, marina and the beach
  • High quality fitment along with well-selected architectural elements
  • Garden containing linden and lemon trees within itself
  • Chic and aesthetic architecture providing a spacious usage
  • Special areas that you will be able to use as per your hobbies or pleasure
  • Rich details coming to the forefront with the pool and fireplace
  • Elevator reaching the rooms from the garage
  • Smart Home System
  • Earthquake resistant building design
  • Location adjacent to green field
  • Proximity to linking roads and central points

Well-Selected Features…

  • Street lighting
  • Security system
  • Roof windows
  • Water tank
  • Parking garage
  • Zinc titanium alloyed cramp roof system
  • Independent heating and cooling system exclusive for the villa
  • Generator system providing 100% auxiliary energy
  • Floor heating system
  • Central satellite broadcasting
  • Automatic garden irrigation system
  • Automatic sun-shield system






















































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